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Best nutrient and natural supplement for Cardio Vascular Health.

Transfer Factor Cardio Patent Video (English Subtitles only)


Primary Support: Cardiovascular

It contains a special combination of Targeted Transfer Factor and over 26 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a healthy heart.
Gives support to the blood pressure, cholesterol and homocysteine, and in the normal range.

The cardiovascular system includes the heart, arteries and veins that supply oxygen to areas of the body such as the brain, heart and vital areas.
In addition to risk factors that affect cardiovascular health, homocysteine levels are also important.

Due to the significant need for cardio vascular care, 4Life developing a revolutionary product for heart health.
Transfer Factor Cardio provides full support for the cardio vascular system, plus a concentrated antioxidant and immune support collaborates with healthy cholesterol levels and blood vessel health, elements necessary for healthy heart function.

Physicians Desk Reference

It is included and is approved by their results in the medical reference book PDR Physician’s desk reference for non prescription drugs, dietary supplements and herbs.

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